All dogs are bathed twice and conditioned as needed. Almost all shampoos used are tear-free and all are top quality. 

Full Pet Grooming Service Includes:

- Bath

- Nail trim

- Ear cleaning and plucking (if necessary)

- Trimming feet between pads

- Sanitary shave and a spritz of cologne

-  External anal gland expression (upon request) 

Our groomer likes to play with each pet or find  a way to interact to add fun to their day (of course a cookie is always included).


We maintain a clean and sanitized shop.

Your pet will receive the following services:

- A Rough cut (no sense in washing hair that’s coming off). 

- Will be hand bathed and dried. 

- Will receive a finish cut.

We ask to keep your pet for at least 4 hours but often times arrangements can be made for early pick up. Groomed pets are welcome to stay all day (additional charges after 6pm).

Our groomer uses calm-assertive techniques and has little trouble as most pets recognize the pack leader pretty quickly and the experience is a pleasant one for all!