Grooming is more than an attractive hairdo. Regular, professional grooming can help prevent problems such as:

  • skin and paw disorders
  • excessive shedding
  • painful mats
  • ear infections
  • and periodontal disease
The groomer is often the first to find dangerous lumps and lesions that can go unnoticed.† Pets of every size, breed, and coat type need to be groomed regularly. Itís a matter of health and hygiene.

The Country Clipper offers a clean, safe, and stress-free environment for your pet.

  • I listen to my clients. I can provide traditional breed cuts or a cut to match a personal preference.
  • I have experience with all breeds and sizes of pets including those with special needs and I LOVE large dogs.
  • Iím professionally trained and certified, and use great care with every pet.
  • My shop is in my home and I treat all pets as I would any guest in my home. Itís a welcoming, inviting environment. We have fun while getting the job done.